In 2001 when the Ferrari 360 Spider came out, the market premiums were more than $150k over MSRP. It was the first time in years where it made sense to have gray market cars in the US. The values were closer to MSRP in Europe and the federalization fees were only $30-40k. It created a very lucrative business for a few years.

The issue with these cars was that they had no warranties and no history. Carfax, Autocheck, and other databases offered nothing about their existence prior to entering America. The same situation still exists within Europe where different VIN history databases are country specific and a car’s past is generally inaccessible.

VINwiki can change that. We had users from every corner of the globe in the first week after we launched. Cars were coming in from Australia, Asia, Europe, and all over the US. If a car leaves for a vacation or permanently, VINwiki can be there for users to help track it.