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Value beyond the VIN

One of our assertions here at VINwiki is that the value in a car actually lies far beyond anything that can be easily attached to a VIN number. That is our unique identifier and starting point but the story of car transcends anything that could be pulled from existing institutional databases. While we welcome these […]

Discrepancy of Data

In 2001 when the Ferrari 360 Spider came out, the market premiums were more than $150k over MSRP. It was the first time in years where it made sense to have gray market cars in the US. The values were closer to MSRP in Europe and the federalization fees were only $30-40k. It created a […]

Cleaning Out The Glovebox

I hate accounting. The first time I went to my accountant for Supercar Rentals I carried with me a legal box of crumpled receipts from the prior year. It was a Vince Vaughn/Dodgeball “keepers” idea. My car accounting is rarely much better. Selling one of my cars generally involved calling all of the service providers […]

Fastest Rental Car Cannonball Record!

This is the value of VINwiki. We have the opportunity to document anything happening with a car. The above post is of the newest Cannonball Record coming in at 33:58 with a rental car! It’s going to be great seeing where this car ends up down the road. Maybe it might find a special buyer… […]

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