Ed Bolian, Founder and CEO

Our [literally] fearless leader has dabbled in just about every facet of the car business in the past decade. As a college entrepreneur, he started an exotic car rental company out of his dorm room. He went on to serve as Sales Director for the Lamborghini/McLaren/Aston Martin/Lotus dealership in Atlanta.


Read more about Ed here.

Dan Huang, Founding Partner and Mobile Lead

A fixture in the Atlanta startup scene, alum of YikYak and other local notables, and dyed-in-the-wool car guy; Dan was a perfect fit for VINwiki. He has constructed every line of code on our app and we couldn’t be more proud to have him on board. Dan’s attention to user experience, fast performing code, and constant iterative improvement are all to thank for what a great product VINwiki is.

Dave Black, Founding Partner and Architecture Lead

Dave offers a perspective that is tough to find. He has worked for Apple, IHG, and other leading tech companies. He always has a hand or three in various startup projects. Dave thinks steps ahead of the rest of us and spends his days and nights making sure that your data is safe and the server is ready. Dave’s true talents are in product management and innovation.

Adam Flegge, Adviser

Adam brings automotive retail market launch and development skills to the VINwiki team. Having ‘grown up’ in the automotive retail software space, Adam understands what it takes to drive demand and lead sales and marketing teams. Excellent at converting a vision into action, Adam helps evangelize the power of the VINwiki platform to customers of all types.