It seems like every social app sets out to be all things to all people. It just isn’t possible. Not many guys use Pinterest, young kids don’t like Facebook anymore, avid readers seldom fall in love with Instagram, what in the world is Snapchat good for? That being said, beauty in design comes from creating a product that can serve the needs of varied users without tailored modification. That is what I set out to do with VINwiki.

I want this to be a platform that works as a mileage tracker and day to day connection with a car for users looking for that level of engagement. I want it to be fun to keep track of what your favorite cars in the world are up to. I want it to be a way for us to zoom out and see the life of our cars, both before and after we own them, in a way that no one has ever offered. I want the enthusiasts who have a finger on the pulse of car markets and production to have a tool that scales their reach. I want dealers and manufacturers to get a vivid picture of what cars they have sold and where they ended up going. All the while, I want it to be clean, powerful, and easy to use.

It may be lofty and I am sure that we are many iterations from that but I am excited for the ride. You may see us pare down specialized functionality from time to time but if this all goes well, not too long from now we hope to find ourselves more car things for more car people. How hard can it be?