Posted by Michael Peloquin — Partner, Borderline Media Company:
I’ve known this team of avid car enthusiasts since they broke the Cannonball Run record a few years ago. Now they have teamed up to build VINwiki, a social vehicle history reporting platform.

This is a really fun way to experience vehicle reporting. Much more of an experience than Carfax. You also get more detailed information that Carfax wouldn’t have.

The user experience is like an Instagram for Cars. All posts are tied to the unique VIN number that will stay with the car regardless of owner. I’m really interested to see how this platform will evolve over time as more and more people post cars. That’s one thing I find really interesting about it. Users can post cars they don’t own and the community can continue to add information about them. I think it’s pretty cool experience.

Hope you all enjoy it as well!

Find out more about here: VINwiki on Product Hunt