ed-bolian-22-carsIn the past 10 years I have owned 23 cars personally. My net profit in owning them has been approximately $300,000. I loved Pacino’s line in The Recruit where he proudly proclaims to Colin Farrell’s character that he is a “scary judge of talent.” The skillset did not come easy, but I am proud to say that I am a great car buyer. It is not the most useful of skills but has served me well facing a hobby that I truly love.

I get that this is not the universal case. My friends are scared to buy cars. They worry about the inhabitants of the proverbial closet – be it monsters or skeletons. They worry about being taken advantage of. In a world of ever increasing knowledge, is the car buying horizon being clarified or are we just being told that we already know enough?

VINwiki is not a crystal ball and it is not two soup cans tied with a string between former owner and current owner. It is a platform for our user base to use and curate vehicle history as they see fit. It can take many forms and we are excited to see that happen. I will use it in an entirely different way that you may and that is the best part. I hope it can satisfy us both as we use a tool that we built to change the way we look at what lies beyond the bookends.
Enjoy the trip into the unknown where we are all each other’s guides. It should be a very fun ride.