Past and Future - Two-Way Street Sign

Reliance on purely institutional data invites a variety of negative externalities. The volume of data renders incrementally curation impossible for the data provider is. The compromise of quantity over quality has made the available vehicle history reports rather useless. I liken them to SAT scores. If a graduating high schooler gets a good SAT score it offers little evidence that they will be successful in college. If the SAT score is low, however, it offers a slightly higher confidence that they might perform poorly in college.

If a car shows a history issue, it probably matters. The problem is when you find a lack of information. It means nothing. As the owner of a couple dozen interesting cars in the last decade and having been a professional in both entrepreneurial and dealership sales capacities, I have developed a cursory expectation of history reports as barely even useful in polarity. If an issue presents, it might make the sale of a car difficult but that is usually the extent of frustration. A positive result is the same way. Some prospects will believe it as gospel because it is sold as such.

The reality is that a useful history report cannot be automatically generated. It is as living and organic as the car and as the drivers. We decided to treat the idea differently. We decided to change automotive history.