Value beyond the VIN

One of our assertions here at VINwiki is that the value in a car actually lies far beyond anything that can be easily attached to a VIN number. That is our unique identifier and starting point but the story of car transcends anything that could be pulled from existing institutional databases. While we welcome these […]

Specializing in Ubiquity

It seems like every social app sets out to be all things to all people. It just isn’t possible. Not many guys use Pinterest, young kids don’t like Facebook anymore, avid readers seldom fall in love with Instagram, what in the world is Snapchat good for? That being said, beauty in design comes from creating […]

Discrepancy of Data

In 2001 when the Ferrari 360 Spider came out, the market premiums were more than $150k over MSRP. It was the first time in years where it made sense to have gray market cars in the US. The values were closer to MSRP in Europe and the federalization fees were only $30-40k. It created a […]

VINwiki Posted on Product Hunt!

Posted by Michael Peloquin — Partner, Borderline Media Company: I’ve known this team of avid car enthusiasts since they broke the Cannonball Run record a few years ago. Now they have teamed up to build VINwiki, a social vehicle history reporting platform. This is a really fun way to experience vehicle reporting. Much more of an experience […]

VINwiki Launch Party a Success!

Our VINwiki Launch party held at VINwiki HQ on June 18 was a smashing success. We had over 400+ people come and celebrate the new launch of our app in the app store, found here. Currently our app is only for the iPhone, but non-iPhone users can go and register at Stay tuned for […]

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