VINwiki was founded in February of 2016 by a team of car guys in Atlanta, GA. Whether it’s blasting across the country on an epic road trip, wrenching on a track car on the weekends, tearing up a mountain road in something exotic, or just searching for that next perfect mod; these guys get what it means to be a gearhead.


ed-profileEd Bolian, CEO

Our [literally] fearless leader has dabbled in just about every facet of the car business in the past decade. As a college entrepreneur he started an exotic car rental company out of his dorm room. He went on to serve as Sales Director for the Lamborghini/McLaren/Aston Martin/Lotus dealership in Atlanta. Ed spent years planning and gathered a team to help him set the NY to LA Cannonball Record in 2013 with two other members of our founding team here at VINwiki. He is our ringleader and visionary. Even though he could sell ice to an eskimo, it didn’t take him long to sell our team on the concept of VINwiki. Ed’s garage is perhaps even more impressive than his resume. He has 1 of 26 true manual Lamborghini LP640s in the US, 1 of 2 Ruf RT12Ss in the US, the CL55 that crossed the country in 28 hours 50 minutes, and the 12 owner salvage titled S55 that he won The 2940 cross country race with in November 2015. Ed lives in Duluth, GA with his wife, Megan, and their son, Graham.


peter-profile1Peter Saddington, CTO

Peter’s attention to detail with every inch and modification of his cars is a perfect reflection of the attention that he gives to his business pursuits. The 2015 Audi R8 he daily drives has transformed into the perfect reflection of what he wants an automobile to be (it’s 1 of 2 in North America with fully custom Lamborghini doors and 1 of 1 custom Brixton Forged wheels). An accomplished author and the most educated man in the room by far, Peter, also owns a research and analytics consultancy where he uses his skills as a Certified Scrum Trainer to Fortune 500 companies looking to execute on multi-million dollar Agile Transformation projects. Peter lives in Norcross, GA with his wife, Susan, and their two children. Peter offers experience from multiple successful startup exits, angel investments, and consulting roles. He leads our technology team and makes sure that the product that VINwiki delivers is always the best that it can be.


dan-profileDan Huang, Founding Partner – Mobile Development

A fixture in the Atlanta startup scene, alum of YikYak and other local notables, and died-in-the-wool car guy; Dan was a perfect fit for VINwiki. He has constructed every line of code on our app and we couldn’t be more proud to have him on board. Dan was in the car with Dave and Ed on their record setting cross country drive. He keeps insane hours and runs off of fruit snacks and bubble tea most of the time but his a boat we refuse to rock. We are just having way too much fun watching him showcase his skills. Dan’s attention to user experience, fast performing code, and constant iterative improvement are all to thank for what a great product VINwiki is.


dave-profileDave Black, Founding Partner – Design & Back End Development

With years of experience in the high tech world and in startups, Dave offers a perspective that is tough to find. He has worked for Apple, IHG, and other leading tech companies. He always has a hand or three in various startup project and we are very pleased to have him on board. Dave thinks steps ahead of the rest of us and spends his days and nights making sure that your data is safe and the server is ready. Dave’s true talents are in product management and innovation. Lots of the fun features and ideas that are in our pipeline here at VINwiki are based on Dave’s charted course. He was the co-driver with Dan and Ed on their NY2LA record. Dave has owned some incredible cars including a Maserati, two Lamborghinis, and a Land Rover Defender. He is due for another one and given his creativity, we have the popcorn ready to see what he pulls out of his automotive bag of tricks next.


kevin-profileKevin Bandy, Founding Partner – Front End Web Development

When he is not exploring the mountain roads of Appalachia or wringing every inch of grip out of his Miata on the track, Kevin is lending his web skills to VINwiki and his other projects as an early employee in Atlanta photographer-servicing firm ShootProof. Kevin is a skilled photographer, designer, and a perpetual entrepreneur. We all value Kevin’s input and ideation. Like Ed and Dan, Kevin attended Georgia Tech.