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Build a timeline of your car's story

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What people are saying about VINwiki

My car’s life goes beyond oil changes and servicing. VINwiki lets me tell the real story of the road trips, memories, and destinations.

As a car enthusiast who dreams of one day owning these cars, I love being a part of the life of the cars that I love now. VINwiki lets me add photos of the cars I spot and lets me see into the lives of some amazing cars and owners.

I have a short attention span when it comes to cars so I always wonder where they go after I sell them. I love following cars I have owned and other ones I just love to see where they end up down the road. It helps me see the bigger picture and connect with future owners.

For me, VINwiki has been an amazing tool to keep track of when and I how I drive my car. I love scrolling through the timeline and seeing where I have been. Seeing my car’s story take shape is awesome. Down the road, I know that documentation and transparency will add value to my car when it comes time to sell.

VINwiki offers an amazing value proposition. As a future seller of the car I own now, I know I can use a higher asking price for my car based on the quantity of information and documentation I have built up in VINwiki. The buyer of my car will be able to approach the deal with much more confidence based on the transparency and be comfortable paying what I ask.

Documenting the activities that we use our dealership cars for while they are in inventory has been a great use of VINwiki. It shows what events we are doing and documents our marketing efforts while showing future owners fun ways to use their cars.

As life gets busy I love checking in through VINwiki and seeing what my car-guy friends are doing with their cars. It gives me a view into their usage of the cars even when we don’t have time to get together and hang out.

Discrepancy of Data

In 2001 when the Ferrari 360 Spider came out, the market premiums were more than $150k over MSRP. It was the first time in years where it made sense to have gray market cars in the US. The values were closer to MSRP in Europe and the federalization fees were only $30-40k. It created a […]

VINwiki Posted on Product Hunt!

Posted by Michael Peloquin — Partner, Borderline Media Company: I’ve known this team of avid car enthusiasts since they broke the Cannonball Run record a few years ago. Now they have teamed up to build VINwiki, a social vehicle history reporting platform. This is a really fun way to experience vehicle reporting. Much more of an experience […]

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